Sweets are
foods to make peace.
Welcome to Hiroshima! Traditional Japanese confections are the UNESCO-designated Intangible Cultural Heritage. Please try our Momiji Manju, one of the best sweets which represent Hiroshima.
What is Momiji Manju?
Momiji Manju is the traditional confectionary of Hiroshima in the shape of a maple leaf which could be seen at places of scenic beauty and historic interest in Hiroshima, such as Miyajima Island where is famous for the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Momiji means a maple leaf, and Manju means a sweet bun with a filling.
© Nishikido Momiji Manju
Special azuki bean paste is made from the red beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido and the water from the spring of Mt. Hiura, is wrapped with sponge cake. Our Momiji Manju, certified as “The Hiroshima Brand” by Hiroshima-City, has the light sweetness which is widely beloved beyond generations.
You can enjoy Momiji Manju more uniquely by toasting, freezing or frying.
Gift Box: 6pcs 8pcs 10pcs 15pcs 20pcs 30pcs 40pcs
We bake Momiji Manju in the completely hygienic factory certified as “Hiroshima Prefecture Voluntary Sanitation Management Certification System in Foods”, a unique Hiroshima Prefecture system to evaluate the sanitation management.
©Nama Momiji
New Series of Hiroshima Signature Confection
Nama Momiji is a new taste of Momiji Manju with soft chewy texture, developed as Namagashi (Japanese wet confectionary like sweet rice cake) with concerted efforts by our technical team.
Please enjoy elegant taste and aroma made from special selection of ingredients such as azuki red beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido and the water from the spring of Mt. Hiura.
Gift Box: 6pcs 8pcs 10pcs 15pcs 20pcs 32pcs
*There are 3 types of bean paste: strained, mashed, and matcha green tea flavored.
© Momiji Assortment Nishiki Momiji
Kono tabi wa Nusa mo toriaezu Tamukeyama Momiji no nishiki Kami no mani mani
For this journey, I couldn’t bring the offering for Gods. Please take instead these beautiful brocades of Mt. Tamuke’s red maple leafs in autumn at the mercy of Gods.
Assorted Momiji Manju, named after a famous poem of Kan Ke from Hyakunin Isshu (Anthology of One Hundred Tanka-poems by One Hundred Poets in Antiquity).
Please enjoy the “brocades of maple leafs” with 6 kinds of fillings: strained azuki bean paste (smooth texture), mashed azuki bean paste (containing pieces of bean husk), sweet potato paste, mochi (sweet rice cake), cheese cream, and chocolate cream.
Gift Box: 6pcs 9pcs 12pcs 18pcs 24pcs 30pcs 36pcs
ⓒAoi Momiji
Produced by Tokugawa Iehiro, the 19th Head of the Tokugawa Shogunal Household
Aoi Momiji was created to mark the 400th anniversary of the passing of Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu. He was the leader who laid the foundation for a state of peace and tranquility during the Edo period in Japan. This Momiji Manju is named after Momijiyama Toshogu (Mt. Momiji Toshogu Shrine) inside the Edo Castle. Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu’s thought for peace is embedded in the hollyhock family crest.
Gift Box: 6pcs (white bean paste with chestnuts)
©Atarashi Momiji
by Collaboration between Nishikido and ANDERSEN, a Famous Company for Western Confectionary and Bakery
Collaboration of ANDERSEN’s delicious filling and Nishikido’s special sponge cake has created new texture and taste, which is different from traditional Momiji Manju and cakes.
3 kinds of unique fillings are available: “Fromage of Seto Citrus”, “Chocolat of Seto Salt” and “Osaki Kamijima Lemon”.
Gift Box: 8pcs 15pcs 20pcs
©Sukoyaka Momiji
7 Major Allergen-Free
Sukoyaka Momiji is made without the use of 7 major allergens (wheat, buckwheat, dairy products, egg, peanut, shrimp and crab).
We have 2 kinds of fillings : maple azuki bean and sweet potato.
Gift Box: 6pcs 8pcs 10pcs 15pcs 20pcs
Collaborated Confection with Doraemon
Doraemon is a series of Japanese Comics & animation which are popular around the world now. Please take a look at the lovely packages of Doraemon and Dorami-chan.
We have 2 kinds of fillings (lemon / strawberry) with a mild taste so that children can also enjoy Momiji Manju much more.
Gift Box: 8pcs
© Hiroshima Lemon Princess
A Famous Confection
We made lemon from Osaki Kamijima into jelly, and wrap it in castella dough to bake this cake. This is delicious even if it is cooled or frozen.
Gift Box: 6pcs 8pcs 10pcs 15pcs 20pcs
© Maple Chocolate
Fancy chocolate-coated sponge cake in the shape of maple leaf. You can choose your favorite one from sweet chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. This confection tastes excellent especially with black tea.
Please have a wonderful teatime with this Maple Chocolate.
Gift Box: 6pcs 9pcs 12pcs 15pcs
*During spring to autumn, this will be delivered by refrigerated courier service.
Bite-sized Baumkuchen with Bean Pastes
Confection associated with Shin.Heike.Monogatari, a historical novel. Please enjoy Bite-sized Baumkuchen with bean pastes inside.
2 kinds of bean pastes (red bean paste / white bean paste) are packed as one portion.
Gift Box: 6pcs 9pcs 12pcs 15pcs 18pcs 24pcs 30pcs Fancy Gift Box: 24pcs 30pcs 36pcs
Collaborated Confection with Hiroshima University
Setokomachi has a soft skin made of gyuhi with refreshing jelly inside, wrapped with moist rice cracker. Gyuhi is a kind of rice cake made from glutinous rice flour with sugar and starch syrup. 2 flavors of jelly are available: lemon and hassaku orange.
Please enjoy tasty gifts from the Seto Inland Sea.
Gift Box: 6pcs 8pcs 10pcs 15pcs 20pcs
© Beautiful Assortment Akinokami
Beautifully-assorted sweet jellied bean paste. One package contains 5 kinds of sweet jellied bean paste.
Flavors are seasonally changes, but ogura (azuki bean paste), sweet chestnut, and mochi (sweet rice cake) are available throughout the year.
Gift Box: 5pcs 10pcs 15pcs 20pcs 25pcs 30pcs
© Seasonal Namagashi
On a monthly basis, we make different types of Namagashi (wet confectionary) under the theme of Japanese beautiful four seasons.
Please feel Japanese seasonal changes through eating this Seasonal Specials.
© Series of Bite-Sized Sponge Cakes
Nishikido supports Hiroshima Toyo Carp and Sanfrecce Hiroshima.
“Momiji Yaki”: Bite-sized sponge cake in the shape of maple leaf. (12pcs/24pcs)
“Hiroshima Carp Baseball Sponge Cake”: Bite-sized sponge cake in the shape of baseball goods (baseball helmet, base, ball, catcher mask, and glove). (15pcs)
“Sanfrecce Hiroshima Soccer Ball”: Bite-sized sponge cake in the shape of soccer ball. (23pcs)
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We have various selections of Japanese confectionary. Varied assortment is available according to your preference.